America’s New Civil War: Conservatives vs. Reason

This is by someone called Craig T. I don’t know who he is, but I know he’s right!

You Republicans spent 50 years nourishing a racist beast, and now that the beast has grown so that it’s about to devour your party, you want to wash your hands of it.
No… I’m afraid not… This is your baby.
From Barry Goldwaters anti civil rights crusade of 1964 all the way till today, you knew what you were doing.
When Ronald Reagan talked about “welfare queens”, you knew what he was doing. You defended him.
When George HW Bush ran the Willie Horton add, you knew what he was doing. You defended him.
When Rick Santorum bitched about “making black peoples lives better by giving them someone else’s money”, you knew what he was doing. You applauded him.
When Newt Gingrich referred to Obama as the “food stamp President”, you knew what he was doing. You cheered for him.
When you defended the waving of the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments, you knew what ideologies you were appealing to.
When Republican after Republican took to the stage to say, suggest, or imply that Obama was a Muslim and a Kenyan, you knew exactly who they were trying to appeal to. and you applauded them.
Now, 50 years on, your elected officials can’t even speak out against the KKK and Neo Nazis for fear of a primary challenge from the “Alt Right”.
Donald Trump bitch slapped you and took your party from you and handed it over to the beast that you’d been riding and toying with for 50 years.
You can no longer claim that the KKK doesn’t belong to you…. That the Neo Nazis don’t belong to you.
The gloves are off and there’s no more “code words” and “catch phrases” to hide behind.
I don’t feel sorry for you and I don’t give you “credit” for disavowing them now.
Because you should’ve been disavowing it for the 50 years that you were playing the “Southern strategy” game.
It’s too late. You bore this baby, you weened it, fed it, raised it to maturity….
We won’t let you walk away from it now.
The President that you nominated and elected while watching him blatantly race bait his way to power, has taken sides with the KKK and Neo Nazis over the people who would dare protest against them.
We will NEVER let you forget that you supported him while he was calling Mexicans rapist.
That you supported him while he was bragging about grabbing women’s pussies.
That you supported him while he was calling into question the birth origin of the first black president.
That you supported him while he was saying that a Mexican American judge couldn’t be impartial to adjudicate his case because of his ethnicity.
That you supported him when he wanted a blanket ban on an entire religion from entering the country.
We will NEVER let you forget.
Trump and the racism that he brought with him belongs to ALL of you Republicans.
Craig T.