I know it’s amazing to those of us who actually pay attention to what’s going on in this country, but just over 40% of our fellow Americans still think Trump is doing a good job. In fact, he even rates high with this group when asked specific questions like, “Is Trump keeping his promises,” or “Are manufacturing jobs returning since Trump became president.” This is according to the site Real Clear Politics, by the way, which you can find at…


Now, I don’t mean to depress you, gentle reader. Rather I wish to inspire you to action! An action that you can take in small ways every day. Face it, senators and congressmen can be hard to reach but a living, breathing Trump supporter is much easier to get in touch with. And that is an opportunity we all must seize upon.

How many Facebook friends have we “unfriended” since November 8th, 2016? If you’re like me the answer is quite a few.  But looking back, I now realize these were tactical mistakes. In fact, we need to be in communication with these Trump supporting friends now more than ever. The longer Trump remains in the White House, the more promises he breaks and the more mistakes he makes. You can rest assured that Fox News won’t make your Republican buddy aware of all Trump’s cockups…but you can. Honest dialog is our best chance to degrade Trump’s support and we need to be engaging in it.

I recommend you keep it as polite as possible. Phrase things in a way that will appeal to the Trump supporter: “You know I’m as patriotic as you, that’s why this Russian thing really has me concerned. What do you think?” Plant that seed of truth and nourish it. As it stands, Trump is too popular for the GOP lead House of Representatives to move to impeach him. We must, therefore, undermine that popularity one citizen at a time until it becomes politically possible for them to kick him to the curb.

At no time in his presidency has Trump been at less than 39% approval. I challenge each and every knowledgeable American to work to get that number to under 20%. This is a war we can win, folks, but to do so, we’re going to have to start talking to people on the other side.

Good luck to us all.


By Clayton Callahan


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