Years ago I took a job as a security guard at a factory, and it counts as my only acting job to date. You see, we guards were instructed to check worker’s passes, make sure doors were locked and keep a sharp eye out for safety violations. However, whenever we did that, the workers would lodge a grievous to management. And as we were only expendable contract employees, management consistently sided with its own workers, and the guards got reprimanded every time.

So we turned a security guard job into an exercise in “security theater.” With polished shoes, we walked the factory halls so all could see our shiny badges. But we did nothing, nothing at all. For eight hours at a crack, we pretended to be performing a function when in fact we were staying out of trouble by hiding in plain sight. And it worked perfectly. No more reprimands and everybody kept their jobs.

And now as I watch our elected officials in Washington, I see the same show performed. Our Senator Burr is head of the senate intelligence committee, and he is a Republican. Faced with the vital mission of investigating the Russian involvement in the election of a Republican president, he realizes this could get him in trouble.

So what does our senator do? He puts on a play! Although the investigation into the demise of American democracy has been going for three months, no evidence has been uncovered by the committee. This is not a surprise as no full-time staffer has been assigned to the investigation, and of the seven staffers (who each sort of work part time on it) none are lawyers. At this rate, I am reasonably sure Senator Richard Burr can maintain the charade for the next four years when he can once again count on the help of a foreign dictator to keep the GOP in power.

Bravo, Senator Burr. Bravo!


By Clayton Callahan


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