In this video we have The Donald, in his own words, championing the elimination of unnecessary government spending and asking the people to help him cut costs to make government more efficient–and for once I say we help him!

People, do you know of a federal employee who’s squandering taxpayer money? I do, and he’d frittering it away at the Mar-A-Lago Club every other weekend! Let’s all be sure to tell the inspector general about it so an official report gets generated that will slap The Donald in the face. You can fill out an official complaint at…

or call (800) 424-5454

Me? I’ve already done both. My complaint read as follows:

I know of a federal employee in a managerial position who is using public funds to finance personal vacation activities. Roughly twice a month, this manager flys in a government plane to a private resort where he compels federal employees to stay at a hotel he owns stock in. The cost to the taxpayer for each of these “getaway” weekends is estimated to exceed three million dollars. As a taxpayer, I am outraged by this overt abuse of government funds and I demand action be taken by the office of the Inspector General. The manager in question is the chief of the executive branch of the federal government.

   Thank you,

If enough people complain, we can expect an official report that the media will be sure to cover. So come on, folks, LET’S SOCK IT TO HIM!

By Clayton J. Callahan


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