I had a bit of a wake-up call this morning and it was refreshing. Former REPUBLICAN Governor Shwartszneger put out a video slamming Donald Trump and supporting Meals On Wheels as well as federally funded after school programs.


Now, I’ve never lived in California but my liberal friends who have report that he wasn’t such a bad governor. Sure, he did a few things they didn’t like or agree with. However, under his leadership, the business of government got done and some improvements to environmental laws were made. He did not try to restrict voting access for African Americans. He did not try to take marriage rights away from homosexuals, and he supported a woman’s right to choose.

Like I said, wow!

To compare his type of Republican with that of The Donald isn’t like apples to oranges. It’s like apples to moon rocks! And it reminds me that I did not always sputter with rage whenever the Republican party was mentioned in my presence. In fact, there was a time when I simply disagreed with the GOP’s take on certain issues and that was all. Is it possible that I can return to those happy days of yore? Can the Republicans purge themselves of this wretched disease and return to the Big Tent of mild conservatives that they once were?

If so, there is hope not only for the GOP but for the country as a whole. If not…well, I’d better stay angry because I’ll need my rage to keep me in the fight for a free and democratic America.


By Clayton J. Callahan




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