trump-supportersOne month into the Trump era and I’m already hearing Republicans complaining about how unfair the world is being to poor Donald Trump… and my jaw is hitting the floor.

Back when he was “president-elect,” all I heard from his supporters was how great he was going to be for the country. He was described as an unstoppable force. A tough, common sense man who had all the right answers. And, frankly, I wasn’t surprised that his fans described him that way because that was exactly the way Trump described himself.

When he announced his run for the presidency he said: “I, Donald J. Trump, will be the greatest president in our country’s history!”

At the Republican convention last summer he said: “Nobody knows the system better than I, and only I can fix it!”

After winning the election he said: “I will unite the country and do a great job.”

And before his first week in office was up he said: “I’m going to fix this country. That’s what I do. I fix things.”

So it’s time for The Donald to put his considerable money where his huge mouth is.

It’s been a month, and I’m still not seeing any greatness. In fact, what I’ve seen is a circus, complete with wild animals and clowns running loose in the White House. Much to Trump’s astonishment, his travel ban was blocked by the courts. His National Security Advisor had to resign in disgrace. His first press conference was an unhinged display of incompetence, and I now he’s doing campaign rallies to boost his sagging ego.

And now the Trump supporters in my circles are gearing up for full excuse mode:

“The courts are too political. They have no right to stop the president.”

“Michale Flynn did nothing wrong. The Democrats just wanted to make it look worse than it was.” 

“The media is the real enemy. They are the ones who are making him look bad.”

“He misspoke, it wasn’t Sweden, it was Syria…or Norway…or Boling green. You know terrorism is real!”

Honestly, I don’t want to hear any of it. If Trump knows the system better than anybody, he should have known the courts check the president’s power. If he’s able to unite the country, getting the Democrats to cooperate with his administration should be easy…once he gets started. And if he would just shut up and start fixing things like he promised, I guarantee the media would become a lot friendlier.

In short, Trump got elected by claiming he was bulletproof and his supporters believed him. They believed in the great and powerful Trump who would be the most terrific president in our country’s history. If they were correct and he is such a man, no force on Earth will stop him from making us “great” again. But so far he’s proven to be anything but that man.

So, I don’t want to hear any of his supporters make excuses now that he’s riddled with holes and making an ass of himself. Instead, I would prefer that they honestly admit they got rooked by this con man…or just shut the hell up.


“By Clayton J. Callahan



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