Well, it’s been a long couple of months. Back on November 8th, I got down…and then I got mad. I got tear up the walls mad. Of course, anger without action is impudence, and that’s something no man likes to be associated with. So I got busy fighting Trump. Right now, many people are wondering what they can do and are feeling powerless. After all, the big buffoon is now the president and that fact must be accepted on some level. So we lost, right?

Friends, we have not yet begun to fight!

I am still looking for more I can do, but if you need inspiration, here is a list of actions I’ve taken. They are all easy to do and feel really really good when you do them. Because action is the will given form, and that is a power no tyrant can survive for long!

So here its is: a list of things I have done since Trump got elected…
1) Got really really mad.
2) Wrote every elector who’s address was public.
3) Attended my first protest march
4) Attended other protest marches
5) Called all my representatives on the phone to express my concerns several times (maybe two hundred by now…not sure)
6) Sent postcards to Trump Tower expressing my true feelings for him and his staff picks.
7) Written letters to editors
8) Started an anti-Trump blog
9) Joined Planned Parenthood
10) Joined the ACLU
11) Subscribed to Mother Jones
12) Became a sustaining member of NPR
13) Attended activist meetings
14) Decided never to give up and never to surrender!


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