Oh, dearie me. Just saw another of those “people protesting T.Rump are just sore losing, whiny millennials” comments.
What is more likely: that this woman (me), who attended Nixon’s first inauguration (1971 in case you’re too young to remember), was a Republican for much of my adult life, and has lived through many elections, and took comfort in and contributed to the orderly transfer or power, is protesting this one because A) I’ve suddenly become a whiny sore loser, or that B) my years of observing the political process has shown me that there is something uniquely dangerous about He Who Doesn’t Deserve to be Named?

Just…think about it.


By Shelley K. Callahan


One thought on “My Socratic Rant

  1. Lisa Smith Chism- I like her! I’m an independent voter but I have voted for democrats mostly ( wonder why). At 55 yrs of age and living in the red state of Tennessee I’ve seen my far share of republicans win various elections. Never have I been outraged at one until now. This isn’t about losing and never has been. It’s about the most dangerous man to ever take office


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