Well, folks, we didn’t get our miracle gold medal win in the Electorial College today…but we didn’t lose either!

For the first time in my lifetime, the Electorial College made the news–because seven of them turned “faithless!” Not enough to defeat The Donald, I know, but enough to send a message to those who would listen. Trump is NOT a normal president-elect. He is not a sane or rational human being. He is EXTREMELY unpopular in this country as evidenced by the 2.8 million votes by which Hillary exceeded him and by the hundreds of thousands of letters, e-mails and phone calls that bombarded Republican electors asking them to vote for ANYBODY but Trump!

hillary In short, folks, this is a silver medal win, and we need to celebrate it. Why? Because until we can win big and take back congress, every victory counts. With every sting and every cut inflicted on the demagog, we grow stronger and he grows weaker. Wars are not won in single battles but by the persistent and unyielding pressure one puts upon one’s enemy.

The Resistance is organizing and we are growing with purpose every time we engage with the foe. Thanks to the recent Electoral College campaign, I am now networked with people all over this country. Make no mistake, The Donald will win most of the upcoming fights. He has the power of the government on his side, for now, and he will use it. But as the fight drags on, expect him to weaken. With every letter writing campaign, every lawsuit, and every protest we chip away at his legitimacy.

So savor that silver medal, everyone, and keep striving for the gold!


By Clayton J. Callahan



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