I make no apologies for being a huge Star Wars fan. I’ve been hooked ever since age ten when the big screen lit up in 1977 with that awesome text crawl and the big space ship chasing the little one. And now that I’m all grown up and they are once again making these cool movies.

The sinister empire is now called the “First Order,” and the brave rebels have rebranded themselves “The Resistance,” but the epic struggle of good vs. evil goes on in this epic space opera…as it sadly also does in real life where good’s victory is not so certain. Today, we who oppose a sinister power are also calling ourselves “The Resistance.” But who is in this noble rebel band that would see Darth Trump banished from the galaxy called Washington not so far away?

Am I? Are you?

Well, if I’m using Star Wars movie metaphors I think I’ll draw from Episode VII: The Force Awakens for that answer. In the latest film, Fin, the deserting Stormtrooper is asked by prisoner Poe Damron if he’s with The Resistance. Fin answers “no” because he sees himself as a man fleeing the First Order and nothing more. But Fin was wrong!

Later Fin “lies” when he tells Rey that he’s with The Resistance. He even goes so far as to tell Han Solo that he’s a “big deal” with The Resistance, even though he has no idea where their base is or how to contact them. But even though he thought he was making stuff up, Fin wasn’t actually lying!

Fin was with The Resistance the moment he took action against the forces of evil that ruled his galaxy. He was with The Resistance when he decided to help a political prisoner escape. He was with The Resistance when he helped Rea keep BB-8 from the First Order’s clutches. And by the time he met Han Solo, Fin had become a big deal indeed…just not in the way he thought at the time. By the end of the film he not only found The Resistance’s base but led the mission to destroy the First Order’s ultimate weapon.

So, genteel reader, I return to my question; are you with The Resistance? After all, that is the term now embraced by numerous patriotic anti-Trump groups across America. There are official organizations such as the Portland Resistance here in Oregon. Keith Olbermann has dubbed his show “The Resistance” and himself as its de-facto leader. But what about me, and what about you? Here’s my take on it, friend; if you’re working to resist fascism in America you are part of The Resistance!

Like the fictional Fin in a galaxy far, far away, you do not need to actually join some official group. You do not need to know the location of a secret rebel base or even how to contact such it. All you need to claim this particular title is action. Take action by writing your elected leaders. Take action by joining a street protest. Take action by sending a check to an organization whose goals you share, such as Planed Parenthood or the American Civil Liberties Union. If you witness Trump inspired bullying, step in and take action (a cell phone video can have a chilling effect on a thug especially when viewed by the police).

Keep it up, day after day, month after month, year after year until you see a president in the White House who reflects true American values and a society where all can equally enjoy freedom’s blessings. So, yes, by simply taking such action you become part of The Resistance. If you find a group you want to join that is fine. But you need not follow any leader or take any pledge to truly join The Resistance. There is no secret decoder ring. You are all that you need to get the job done! Fight hard, never quit, and keep finding new ways to bring to this country the change it desperately needs. Then, not only can you rightfully claim to be in The Resistance, you can take pride in knowing you’re a big deal in it as well!


By Clayton J. Callahan


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