So, I did it.

As I urged other people to do in an earlier blog post (that includes names and addresses… https://americawearebetterthanthis.wordpress.com/2016/11/19/can-you-do-69-for-hillary/ ), I wrote letters to sixty-nine of the Republican electors urging them not to vote for The Donald. Will they listen? I’ve no way of knowing. However, it is widely reported that six Republican electors are expressing second thoughts about voting for this blowhard, and if that’s true, I can be reasonably sure that more are musing it over in private.

Will this work? Can we Dump Trump this way? Well, like I said in the earlier post, shoot for the gold and we may get the silver or at least the bronze. Already, Texas elector Art Sisneros has resigned rather than vote for Trump, so I think we are well on our way to silver!

Below is a sample of the letter I sent. My cardinal rule was to be nice to these people. Hardcore Republicans though they are, nobody will do anything for somebody who’s rude to them. I also appealed to the famous Never Trump Republicans who hail from the same state as the elector in question. After all, when going into battle one should bring friends.

The letter went as follows:

Dear, Carolyn Welsh (Or whichever elector. Always use someone’s personal name when you can)

I am writing to plead with you to vote your conscience as an elector. I am trusting that you are a good and patriotic American who puts the welfare of the country ahead of petty interests. You have a great and heavy responsibility, I know, and you have my respect and sympathy.

I am asking you to join in solidarity with Representative Charlie Dentin his opposition to the presidency of Donald Trump. I am doing this because I do not want to see the country I served for twenty years ruined by an ill-tempered narcissist with a penchant for personal vendetta. The president of the United States is arguably the most powerful individual on Earth. Both war and peace rest in our commander-in-chief’s hands, and I fear what such an incredibly petty person could do with that kind of power.

I do understand that you likely have strong reservations about Secretary Clinton. However, with the Republicans in charge of both the house and senate, her power would be restrained. This would not be the case with Mr. Trump, and I fear his proclivity for recklessness will be given wing to smote ruin upon us all.

I also understand how unprecedented this request is, at no time in our history has such a stark choice been laid before the Electoral College. Nonetheless, the Framers created the college for a reason, and I believe they are watching us now. This is a unique situation that calls for courage and decisive action unlike any other that has faced our republic before, and now you are called to stand against the darkness as a final bulwark between the lives of the innocent and the power of the corrupt.

In Iraq, I risked my life for my country. I served three tours in the Middle East and if necessary would have gladly laid down my life for my country…as many a good soldier did. In fact, I was but a few hundred yards away when our last soldier to die in Operation New Dawn, David Hickman, gave his life for this country.

Today, I ask you to take a lesser but oh so much more important risk.

Please, I implore you, do what you know is right and save this nation from its own bigotry, ignorance, and confusion.

                                                               Staff Sergeant (SA) Clayton J. Callahan, US Army, Retired


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