Do you want to resist Trump’s fascism with every bone in your body? Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and show the world that the American liberal is still alive and kicking! Well, buddy; I’ve got a little job for you. And here’s the beauty of it, as long as we give this push our maximum effort, we are sure to win. The only question is; will our victory medal be bronze, silver or gold?

Let me break it down.

At the end of this post, you will see sixty-nine names and three addresses. These, my friends, are the Republican electors for the states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and the addresses they can be reached at respectively. On December 19th, 2016, these folks will hold the real US election that actually chooses the president. Naturally, all of them are hard-core Republicans who have pledged to vote as their party dictates…but all of them are also human, and some of them don’t care at all for Trump.

On December 19th, each of these people will have a number of choices to make.

1– Vote for Trump as the president and Pence as the vice president like they are expected to do (a very likely choice).

2– Vote for Clinton/Kaine (highly unlikely).

3– Vote for Pence to be the president and Trump to be the vice president (a rare but legal option).

4– Abstain from voting by dropping a blank ballot into the box (not unheard of).

Folks, if they all vote as they are pledged, Trump only wins by only twenty-one votes! If we can influence the electors in ANY way, we win. The only question is, by how much and that’s where the bronze, silver and gold medals come in.

Let me describe what victory looks like:

Bronz Medal Win– Each of these offices gets a huge volume of mail like they’ve never seen before. Piles and piles of letters fill the countertops as struggling clerks panic to sort them all. This unprecedented volume of mail sends a message that is heard loud and clear; Trump faces historic resistance on the part of the American people and he better tread lightly! Already, Trump is backing down on his threats to eliminate Obamacare due to the nationwide protests. This mail-in protest would be an additional slap in his face that could force him to moderate certain positions or risk further public resistance.

Silver Medal Win– This assumes some of the electors actually read our mail, and conclude that the moral decision would be to refrain from voting Trump. This would send Trump the message that not even the GOP fully supports him and force him to back down on major policy issues and put forth a mild legislative agenda.

Gold Medal Win– Twenty-one or more electors flip for Hillary, and Clinton becomes our next president. Friends, I will tell you flatly that this is a million to one shot. It would be a completely unprecedented miracle in the history of American politics equal to the Cubs winning the World Series. I’m not counting on it, but I am willing to take the shot…after all, the Cubs did win as I recall.

So let’s get to work!

Florida Electors=31

Republican Party of Florida

420 E Jefferson St, Tallahassee, FL 32301

Tony Ledbetter

Pam Bondi

Sharon Day

Ade Aderibigbe

Larry Ahern

Brian Ballard

Kristy Banks

Michael Barnett

LizBeth Benacquisto

Robin Bernstein

John Browning

Dena DeCamp

Nick DiCeglie

Jeremy Evans

John Falconetti

Peter Feaman

Kat Gates-Skipper

Joe Gruters

Debbie Hannifan

Blaise Ingoglia

Mike Moberley

Susan Moore

Joe Negron

Clint Pate

Ray Rodrigues

Carlos Trujillo

Robert Watkins

Susie Wiles

Christian Ziegler

Ohio Electors=18

Ohio Republican Party

Address: 211 S 5th St, Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: (614) 228-2481

Marilyn Ashcraft

Curt Braden

Christina Hagan

Lee-Ann Johnson

Ralph King

Alex Triantafilou

Mary Anne Christie

Corey Schottenstein

Jim Dicke II

Cheryl Blakely

Richard Jones

Tom Coyne

Judy Westbrock

Leonard Hubert

Tracey Winbush

James Wert

Brian Schottenstein

Ed Crawford


Pennsylvania Electors=20

112 State Street

 Harrisburg, PA 17101

 Phone: (717) 234-4901

 Fax: (717) 231-3828

Robert Asher

Mary Barket

Robert Bozzuto

Theodore (Ted) Christian

Michael Downing

Margaret Ferraro

Robert Gleason

Christopher Gleason

Joyce Haas

*Ash Khare

James McErlane

*Elstina Pickett

Patricia Poprik

Andrew Reilly

Carol Sides

Glora “Lee” Snover

Richard Stewart

Lawrence Tabas

Christine Toretti

Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh



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