Ah, the things I would say to Mitch McConnell if I had his phone number…

First, I’ll pretend I’m in a good mood and have had a full night’s sleep.  Next, I’ll pretend he doesn’t hang up the phone when he realizes he talking to a mere peasant—I mean citizen. Now, what would I say?

Well, first off I’d say this isn’t a critique of him alone but of the entire GOP establishment. You remember, after the dismal failure that was the George W. Bush administration the nation went gaga for the Democrats in 2008. In that year, the GOP (which at that time stood for Grand Old Party) lost the house and senate as well as the executive branch.  The next two years must have been hard on conservatives as they watched Obama pass successful legislation, save the country from financial collapse and even win the Nobel Peace Prize just for smiling. Government was working but not for the things conservatives prioritize. So, like a bratty child who isn’t content to wait for his turn to play with a toy, the Republicans decided to break it.

In 2010 they snatched the house and senate from Obama. They succeeded in this because the liberals had gone to sleep and believed that once Obama was president, our job was done. Nevertheless, I will credit the Republicans with winning that year fair and square.  I just chalked it up to “win some, lose some” and had faith that the new congress would still function anyway. However, once the GOP had their hands on the toy, they chose not to play nicely with it but instead ripped the wheels off and smashed  it. Thus began six years of unprecedented obstructionism. Even the normal, boring, stuff of government was suddenly an impossibility for this new conservative congress.  No proposal by Obama was deemed to be moderate. Forget about passing a jobs bill or tax reform! No compromise was ever considered by these congressmen as ambassadorial appointments, and federal judgeships sat vacant for years. And even federal budgets were blocked on the pettiest of excuses.

Then in 2012, the Republican Party lost another presidential hopeful.  A tough blow, I am sure, but did it change the dynamic in Washington? Nope. Governing was considered a trap and the strategy to block everything Obama continued. Meanwhile, the minimum wage fell further behind the actual cost of living, and discontent grew among the great masses of poor who took no part in the general financial recovery.  But Republicans showed no concern for these poor folks, instead, they held Benghazi hearing after Bengasi hearing in an all-out effort to smear the likely Democratic successor to President Obama.

But the poor didn’t go away.

The mass of poor, uneducated white people who have faithful voted Republican since Ronald Regan showed up to vote in 2016, just like the Republican establishment expected them to. But they didn’t vote for a Jeb Bush, a Marco Rubio or a John Kasich…no, they voted for the angry outsider guy.

Now. why would they do that?

So here we are today, 2016. The GOP now stands for Grab Our Pussy and has an obviously incompetent demagogue as the official leader of the party and, very soon, the free world. Now, I know conservatives have big plans for the nation; scrap Obamacare, deport eleven million people, institute a national “right to work” law, ban abortion in all fifty states, reduce environmental regulation, and on, and on. The problem is; to do those things you need a functioning government. And remember, the conservative child broke that thing to keep the liberal kid from playing with it…and it’s still broke. The Democrats can now do the exact thing to the GOP that the GOP did to them ,and they don’t even have to re-write the playbook. Furthermore, the orange haired savior made a lot of promises to poor Americans. They expect good jobs and they expect them now.  Can the Republicans turn back thirty years of stagnation in the first few months of the Trump regime? I seriously doubt it, but here’s the thing…Obama isn’t around to blame anymore. The GOP now owns the presidency, the congress and is one appointment away from owning the Supreme Court, and if they can’t “make America great again” soon people are going to wonder why.

And remember, the poor are still angry.

So go ahead, Grab Our Pussy. With the Dems now primed to resist every move (no matter how petty) the governing trap has finally sprung on Republicans whether they like it or not. As for me? Well, I think I’ll invest in companies that manufacture torches and pitchforks. Those two products are sure to be hot commodities in the near future.


By Clayton J. Callahan


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