Now, I have no special powers but already my first prediction for a Trump presidency has come true. A week before the election, I posted on Facebook that his first move would be to appoint incompetent people into key governmental positions simply because they “said nice things about him.”


Using that same not-so-mystic ability, I will now make a few more predictions about what we’re looking at in the coming months.

  • Once in office, Trump will use the awesome power of the presidency to extract revenge for petty feuds and trivial slights. Former business people who he believes have done him wrong as well as celebrities such as Rosie O’Donnell will be subject to official harassment. This will cause a blowback that The Donald will find surprising. Soon after, the clamor will die down…but he’ll still hold a grudge.
  • He will try to monetize the presidency. Meaning he will try to enrich himself personally through his position as both president and businessman.
  • Russia and Syria will militarily go full out against all rebel groups. There will be atrocities and mass graves. But there will be no US response. After all, Putin has also said nice things about The Donald so it’s okay with him.
  • Legislation will be pushed through congress in the first one-hundred days that strongly benefits big business and does nothing for the common American. The Democrats will scream and cry, but they will be outvoted.
  • After the first year of his presidency, Trump’s chickens will start coming home to roost. His incompetent office holders will be the subject of a parade of scandals. Allied nations will turn from America to pursue policies independent of the now unstable America…and take their investment with them.
  • Our economy will begin to fail by the one year mark.
  • After a dozen or so congressional investigations, even the GOP will have had enough of this circus. The Republican majority will reach across the aisle and work with Democrats to impeach a president who was clearly unqualified from the start.

Only time will tell how close I hit this mark (and folks, these are my more optimistic predictions). Nothing is certain, but with a drunk behind the wheel you know you’re in for one wild ride. Maybe he won’t crash the car and everyone will get home alive…but he’s still a drunk and you can count yourself lucky if you live to set your feet upon the driveway at the end of the trip.

Me? I’d rather ride with the safe driver. That’s why I voted for Hillary. I wish more of us did.


By Clayton J. Callahan


One thought on “My Predictions For The Trump Regime

  1. In answer to the Trump Question, “What do you have to lose?”
    The First 100 days, the other Trump list:

    – Shut down Saturday Night Live, MSNBC & the New York Times
    – Invite Hillary, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Megyn Kelly to visit Guantanamo & make sure they accept, permanently; begin disappearing journalists
    – Appoint Alex Jones Minister of Information
    – Appoint Breitbart the exclusive source for government news
    – Appoint Scott Baio Minister of Culture
    – Appoint Chris Christie Minister of Political Correctness, tasked with stamping out manners, respect, or politeness wherever they may appear
    – Require permits for internet access, enable full monitoring of domestic communications
    – Require permits with editorial review for all movies and television programs
    – Impose Presidential Twitter override on all broadcast and internet media
    – Confiscate and destroy all copies of “It’s a Wonderful Life”
    – Require attendance at Trump Rallies, ban all anti-Trump protests anywhere
    – Bulldoze the White House and replace with TrumpWorld Theme Park and Tower
    – Suspend the First Amendment
    – In response to the crisis in – – – -, declare martial law, dissolve Congress & the Supreme Court, suspend habeas corpus & elections, end the Republic, declare Trump President-for-Life, etc.
    – Scrap NATO, recognize Russia’s entitlement to the Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states, Moldava, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan; annex Canada & Cuba
    – Nuke the Middle East (except for the oil fields & maybe Israel- seize the oil fields)
    – Ban unions
    – Issue shoot-to-kill order for the Southern Border
    – Eliminate taxes on incomes and estates over $10,000,000, eliminate Corporate Taxes
    – Eliminate environmental review for pipelines, waterways, estuaries, wetlands, oil fields, coal mines. . . .
    – Sell Yosemite to Disney
    – Raid and close down the offices of the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Earth First, Environmental Defense Fund, NRDC, Brady Campaign, Planned Parenthiood, NARAL, DNC, ACLU, NLG, NAACP, AARP, Southern Poverty Law Center, et al.
    – Ban abortion, contraception, gay marriage, gays in general, Islam, prosecution of hate crimes or sexual harrassment or sexual battery or excessive force, . . .
    – criminalize and incarcerate the homeless
    – Expel all non-whites not born in USA
    – Require tuition for all public schools; require Bible-study in all schools
    – Eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, all public control over health care or health insurance, food stamps
    – Reinstate firing-squad executions
    – Require all persons over the age of 12 to own a firearm and to qualify with it annually; extend castle doctrine nationwide
    – Reinstate the draft and require military service of all persons over the age of 12
    – Require portrait of Trump in all churches

    [partial list]



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