An argument can be made that we liberals are somehow being unfair.

After all, Mr. Trump is not even President as of this writing. And, since he has not yet assumed power, it can be stated that he hasn’t done anything wrong so far. Right? The voices that make this argument may go on to suggest that he can be a good president if he’s only given a chance.

It may come as a shock, but I do not subscribe to this argument.

There is a saying that “past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.” In my life experience, this has proven to be true. When someone I work with consistently upholds their end of the job, I learn I can depend upon them. When I make dinner for my family every weekday at six, they rely on me for the meal. And when someone habitually lies, I learn not to trust them. Can I see the future? Do I know for sure what a given person will do tomorrow? No, but past behavior gives me a reasonable guess, and I often find I am correct.

Which brings us to the case of one Donald J. Trump: Glancing at his biography, one strains one’s eyes to find a passage that references service to anything other than himself. When our country was fighting in Vietnam, did he take his military high school experience into the real army? Nope, he got a draft deferment for heal spurs (Incidentally, I have heal spurs, and I went to Iraq anyway…they are really no big deal). Conversely, did he protest the Vietnam War? Nope, he apparently didn’t feel strongly about the subject one way or the other and just ignored the whole thing.Time went by and young The Donald grew to be a “man.” He largely stayed out of politics (except perhaps when he tried to drive veteran owned pushcarts off 5

Time went by and young The Donald grew to be a “man.” He largely stayed out of politics (except perhaps when he tried to drive veteran owned pushcarts off 5th Avenue) and was content to bankrupt businesses, commit adultery and mug for attention whenever possible. Then, he discovered Birtherism, and he suddenly found himself in the political spotlight and obviously loved the glare.

Now, he is about to enter his first ever political office. Through the campaign he has regularly race-bated, saber rattled, encouraged mob violence, and displayed a titanic ignorance of world and national affairs. Since this is the past behavior that I’m trusting my future to, I ask, “what could possibly go wrong? Shouldn’t we give him a chance?”

Sorry, no, I will not give him a chance. For months, the GOP prayed that their nominee would “pivot” into a rational candidate. He never did. Up to the very end he was still shooting off tweets to savage celebrities, showing a penchant for immaturity that most folks leave behind in junior high. He has never once apologized for his years-long racist Birther crusade, invitations to Russian spy hackers, racist comments to a judge, or his attacks on a gold star family. And he still thinks Putin’s not in the damn Ukraine!

If the Republican nominee was a competent and mature individual, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. Nope, I would sigh, “win some, lose some” and go back to writing science fiction. But The Donald is not a competent or mature individual. He is a seventy-year-old, racist, ignoramus with the intellectual and emotional sophistication of a thirteen-year-old child…and a spoiled child at that. I did not serve twenty years in the United States military just to see America taken down in four years, or less, by a self-centered man-baby who has never done a damn thing for this country his entire life!

And that is why I am not giving Trump a chance.


By Clayton J. Callahan


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